Dowsing Workshop

Dowsing Next Steps with David Lockwood

Curious about dowsing and would like to take this interesting subject further?  Learn how to dowse energy lines and water courses at home. You will also learn how to dowse for health issues for your self and others. This is the second workshop in a certificated course though it is for all abilities who wish to attend. The day starts indoors where you learn more about dowsing and then you will go out to visit a tutor’s house to try for your self! Please bring a packed lunch. Dowsing rods and pendulums provided.

Sunday 3rd October, 10am-4.30pm 1 day in the Library

Fees: £20.00 (conc £18.00/£10.00)

Go to the website for more information or contact katheryn on 01647 440855.

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